Brain Injury Services

Brain Injury Services

What began in 2002 as an effort to provide residential services to people with a brain injury has evolved into one of the largest providers of state of the art services for people with acquired and traumatic brain injuries in the state of Massachusetts. At Berkshire County Arc, we have created an environment for individuals with brain injuries to relearn old skills, develop new skills and increase their self-esteem by successfully reaching personal goals. Currently, Berkshire County Arc staff members assist 37 individuals with the transition from rehabilitation to becoming active and contributing members of their communities. This is accomplished by the well-designed services and facilities that create an environment for individuals to thrive.

Our PET (Personal Effectiveness Training) Program creates opportunities to provide  individualized services for each person in the areas of: skill training, physical exercise, leisure development, community skill development and social decision making. Skill training activities that are offered include: social and life skills group activities, cooking and nutrition, fitness and wellness, healthy lifestyles, money management, current events, falls prevention, disability awareness, and independent living skills.

The TREK (Therapeutic Recreation, Education & Knowledge) Program helps individuals accept their physical challenges by assisting in the development of alternative ways of performing tasks and activities. It also provides an opportunity to enhance memory, problem solving, judgment and other executive functions through the use of assistive technology and other appropriate devices or situations. In addition, TREK builds upon such skills as reading, writing, arithmetic, planning and executing activities.

BARC-77Our Community Connections Program continues to be a success in assisting individuals to volunteer in the community in a supported environment. This allows the participants the opportunity to provide a service in the community, develop basic work skills and increase their self-esteem. Participants have volunteered in a variety of settings, including Sonsini Animal Shelter, Guthrie Center, Soldiers On, Berkshire Humane Society, Toys for Tots, Pittsfield City Hall and the Housatonic Beautiful Committee.

Each brain injury residence boasts large, spacious and private bedrooms with a shared bathroom, an open community floor plan with universal design features and a totally accessible outdoor living space.

For more information about Brain Injury Services at Berkshire County Arc, contact:
Maryann Hyatt
Vice President of Community, Day and Clinical Services
413-499-4241, ext. 227

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