Jada Pridgen
Residential Support
Elm Street, Pittsfield

Jada takes her individuals from Elm Street to Health Choices every week.  While the opportunity is there for Jada to relax and enjoy downtime, instead Jada helps the staff during the session, and works with any individuals who may need help. Her energy and upbeat approach is infectious and sets a positive, fun tone for everyone.

Nominated by Jennifer Smith



Samantha Ring-Hecht
Residential Support
Kowchuk Drive, Lanesboro

Samantha serves as a strong role model at the home and during outings. She visibly enjoys spending time with the individuals, and likes to focus on each of their goals. She often creates new activities for the individuals, and knows how to engage them through the activity. She served as a long-time relief worker before joining the program full time. We are lucky to have her.

Christine Brown







Fay Dimanche
Developmental Specialist
Transitions , a community-based day service

In the past quarter Fay developed several community sites for the individuals—notably the Giving Gardens and Berkshire Dream Center. She routinely makes contacts with the community outside of work time and turns those contacts into opportunities for BCArc. Further, she has reduced stress and anxiety for the program’s participants—and the staff—by introducing a mindfulness curriculum. Her warmth, generosity, and initiatives are well received and enjoyed by everyone in Transitions.

Pamela Kight








Gail Perachi, LPN
Relief Nurse

Gail is dedicated to Crossroads and takes great pride in her work. As a relief worker, she still attends staff meetings on her own time to be more knowledgeable and up-to-date, and also to provide any information she may have about the individuals. She is quick to respond to any request, and is often seen helping out with van transitions or to cover a room to relieve someone for a short time. She knows all the individuals, and they know—and like—her.  She has also developed relationships with all the staff members, and the staff know that they can go to her for some sound advice.

Nominated by Donna Williams


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