Adult Family Care (AFC) Program

A caregiving program for individuals needing assistance with daily living

Who We Are:
Berkshire County Arc’s Adult Family Care program was founded in 2009. The program currently serves more than 125 qualified individuals receiving quality services in their own homes, or the homes of their caregivers.

Our Members:
Our members are individuals age 16 and up who cannot live safely on their own, due to medical or physical disabilities or cognitive impairments.

  1. Members must need supervision or assistance with at least a portion of their activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, and/or ambulation
  2. Members must be eligible for MassHealth Standard or MassHealth CommonHealth
  3. Members cannot receive Personal Care Attendant (PCA) or Home Health Aide (HHA) services in conjunction with AFC services per MassHealth regulations.

Our Caregivers:
An AFC caregiver can be any family member or non-family member who is not currently the member’s legal guardian or spouse.

  1. Caregivers must live in the same home as the member
  2. Caregivers must be approved by BCArc according to MassHealth guidelines

Matching Caregivers and Participants:
For participants needing to be matched with a caregiver who is a non-family member, BCArc will adhere to the strictest requirements per MassHealth regulations, in order to secure a successful placement and ensure the health and safety of the participant.

Our Services:

  1. Developing assessments to determine eligibility and level of care
  2. Providing a non-taxable monthly stipend to caregivers
  3. Providing nursing oversight
  4. Providing case management and support services
  5. Facilitating connections with other community organizations and service providers
  6. Assisting with future planning
  7. Providing family support and advocacy

Contact Us
Cybèle Kilby
Director of Day & Family Enrichment Services
413-464-7262 ext. 20

Berkshire County Arc’s AFC Program is a proud member of the Massachusetts Council for Adult Foster Care.

BCArc AFC Family Member Testimonials

“I want to keep caring for my son in our home environment and the AFC program is just a perfect way to do this.”

BCArc AFC Family Member

“We concluded that it would be wise to have a support network to aid our daughter and our family, both now and in the future.”

BCArc AFC Family Member

“(AFC) is an additional support professionally and financially that offers my son and family a better way of life.”

BCArc AFC Family Member

“It allows us to have peace of mind knowing that we are not alone in this and that other resources are available to us.”

BCArc AFC Family Member
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