For Employers

We provide a cost effective way of hiring and retaining reliable employees.

In turn, we assist individuals with disabilities become productive tax paying citizens of Berkshire County.  In keeping with our mission, we enrich lives through supporting abilities at work.

This creates a win-win scenario for the employers and the individuals we serve.

We are a non-profit agency and receive funding from state agencies and local school districts to provide the services we deliver.

Advantages of Our Services:

  • Reducing the time and costs of screening job applicants by matching the right person to the right job.
  • Reducing the time and costs associated with training.
    • We provide experienced staff to assist in training at no cost to the employer.
  • Contributing to a reliable and stable workforce.
  • Assisting employers to obtain tax credits
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

We seek to establish and maintain long term partnerships with employers.

We would love to help your business succeed!

Holly joined Greylock Federal Credit Union in November of 2001.  I’m pleased to say that she has spent her entire career so far in the Deposit Operations department.  Holly fit into the department on day one, always putting in a full day’s work, yet still making time to discuss the latest television episode of choice on the night before with her co-workers.  Holly is a very dedicated and diligent individual, she understands her responsibilities and performs them well, always eager to learn new functions to keep herself challenged and help the department.  Holly has been a pleasure to have in the department and I hope she spends many more years with Greylock and the Deposit Operations department.

Mike Jerome, VP, Greylock Federal Credit Union

Industry partnerships:
Non Profit
Food Service

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