Providing New Opportunities for Cognitive Wellness

Nu-Opps provides a community-based day service for individuals with acquired and traumatic brain injury as well as eligible individuals with a related cognitive need. Nu-Opps offers a structured, goal-oriented, program of health and therapeutic services to facilitate independent living and self-management. Nu-Opps provides a stimulating environment that encompasses physical, social and cognitive development.

This program primarily serves individuals’ with traumatic and acquired brain injury. Consideration is afforded to individuals who present with similar functionality depending on program capacity, availability of funding and the determination that the service is best-matched to their needs. Nu-Opps accepts referrals from any source. There are several funding sources that have approved the site and program and are available to support program participation of individuals, as qualified, which includes:
• MassHealth
• Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waivers (Residential and Non-Residential)
• Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP)
• Moving Forward Plan (MFP) (Residential and Community Living)
• Private Pay/Insurance

Program Components
Each individual’s schedule is personalized to meet the goals they establish in conjunction with the program’s Case Manager and Clinicians.
The schedule includes individual and group-based therapies and activities.

Program and Organizational Philosophy
• Belief that every individual has the ability to learn and develop new skills
• Belief in self-determination and person centered planning
• Focus of services is to enhance and maximize quality of life
• Ensure respect for the many diverse cultures we serve
• Work collaboratively as a team to assist each individual to achieve their goals, based on their unique set of circumstances

   Program Goals
Nu-Opps provides an integrated team approach using person-centered planning and offering traditional therapy coupled with community-based activities. The
overall goal is to accomplish community reintegration as determined by the person’s strengths, preferences, interests, and desires.

Cognitive and Memory Skills
To increase cognitive and memory skills activities including the use of computers, memory/brain games, crossword puzzles, memory building techniques, group discussions, current events, and guided imagery.

Fitness and Health Skills Physical activity provides a variety of benefits for individuals. Exercise programs emphasize relaxation techniques, stretching, walking, yoga and resistance. Individuals work on balance, coordination, endurance and strength. The program also includes discussions about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Creative and Expressive Arts
Programming is incorporated to develop self-expression through drama, music composition, improvisation, storytelling, poetry, dance, video production, ceramics, stained glass, and various other art mediums.

Community Involvement
Individuals build skills necessary for active community engagement including safety awareness, communication, personal care, time and home management.

Clinicians and staff use advanced technology in all aspects of service delivery. Individuals benefit from direct instruction in the use of
technology including social media and online safety. The program uses the most up-to-date technology including mobile devices, computers, specialized software and apps along with many assistive devices.

Socialization and Leisure 
Education Skills
Individuals are offered instruction and personalized social skill training to assist them in developing personal relationships and friendships of value to them. Individuals are afforded the opportunity to renew or explore leisure activities such as nature programs, cooking, games, gardening, adventure trips, and special events, many of which are done in small teams.


We provide volunteer opportunities in individual and group settings to support self-esteem and valued membership in the community.

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