Berkshire County Arc’s Pooled Trusts

Berkshire County Arc’s Master Special Needs Pooled Trust and Family Special Needs Pooled Trust supplement basic support programs such as MassHealth, Social Security Insurance (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). It protects the assets of individuals with disabilities and still maintains eligibility for public benefits including MassHealth and SSDI. A Special Needs Trust enables an individual with a disability to secure their public benefit entitlements and still have a source of resources to enhance their quality of life. BCArc’s trusts have the lowest rates for special needs trusts in Massachusetts.

Administered by Berkshire County Arc, a non-profit organization located in Massachusetts, that is dedicated to serving the needs of individuals with disabilities since 1954, it is not affected by the health, good will or wellbeing of any one individual. Trust oversight is constant and consistent. Berkshire County Arc has been fortunate to partner with Berkshire Bank. Berkshire Bank offers each trust account dependable fiduciary services including responsible and productive investment, electronic accounting of every trust transaction, quarterly reporting and income tax information.

Master Special Needs Pooled Trust is funded with assets of the individual, i.e., retroactive disability award, personal injury settlement, divorce, sale of a house.
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Family Special Needs Pooled Trust is funded with assets of a third party such as a parent or grandparent of a disabled person, rather than with the assets originally owned by the person with a disability. (i.e., will, insurance policy or savings).
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If you have any questions about the information presented here, or you have any additional questions about either trust, please contact:
Missi Francoeur at 413-499-4241, ext. 266 or
Maryann Hyatt at 413-499-4241, ext. 227 or



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