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 Citizen Advocacy & Youth Mentoring

What is Citizen Advocacy & Youth Mentoring?

Citizen Advocacy & Youth Mentoring occurs when a community volunteer is matched with an  individual with a disability. This program provides:

  • A one-to-one relationship between an advocate and protégé
  • Mentors and protégé’s are matched based on common interests.
  • Develop an ongoing, long lasting friendship.
  • Bridges that gap by providing opportunities for recreational and social activities.

Who are BCArc’s Citizen Advocates & Mentors?

Advocates & Mentors are people who are:

  • Willing to volunteer – it is important that an advocate/mentor understand that they are involved in a relationship based on an interest with each other and not for external benefits.
  • Willing to be independent –Advocates/Mentors should be free from conflicts of interest. Their primary loyalty should be to his/her own protégé.
  • Willing to honor whatever commitments they make to their protégé/mentee – Both partners must have realistic expectations about the time commitments and nature of the relationship and communicate openly with each other about their needs and limitations.

Who are BCArc’s Protégé’s?

Protégés are individuals who are:

  • Looking for companionship while in the community.
  • Interested in finding socially inclusive activities.
  • Wanting to establish a friendship with a responsible adult.
  • Trying  discover their strengths and achieve their potential.

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We invite you to join our Citizen Advocacy & Mentoring program to make a difference in someone else’s life! Apply today!

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