Nicole Martin,
Assistant Site Manager, West Street, Lenox
Recently NIcole discovered an unresponsive individual lying in bed in the morning. Nicole followed procedures and made smart decisions. Afterwards, Nicole put the needs of the family, the staff, and the other individuals above her own needs. Nicole has always made great sacrifices for her individuals and their families. Working at BCArc for 12 years, she makes a point to know the individuals she serves, as well as their families, who trust her immensely. She is the consummate caregiver and we are fortunate to have her as part of the BCArc family.



Tanisha Harris-Yeboah 
Assistant Site Manager, College Highway, Southampton
Tanisha moved from a part-time overnight shift to the position of site manager. Since that time she has led her team through two evacuations – one required a full week at a hotel – where her style and leadership set the tone to create a positive experience despite the challenges.

Her high energy and thoughtful acts serve to inspire the staff around her. Her hard work and dedication also earned her the statewide Caring Force April Member Spotlight, an honor given to only 12 people each year chosen from thousands of human service providers in Massachusetts



Raymond Drumm
Family Support, Individual Supports
For the families who Ray serves, he is seen as dependable, consistent, and invaluable. Every week he helps four individuals access the community through a wide range of experiences. The individuals he serves and their families praise Ray for his reliability and dedication, a crucial trait when families are depending on your service for respite opportunities. Along with earning the praise of the families, he is seen as a role model to the new outreach workers, demonstrating the ideals BCArc strives to achieve to support and enrich the lives of the people we serve.


Jill Wollins and Angela Raciti
Jill, Case Manager, and Angela, R.N., both of the Adult Family Care Dept., together helped a family in distress find emergency housing in a very short time frame, and secure the supports and services that the family needed by collaborating with other providers. Shortly after that they helped the family move to long-term housing.
In a short period the team created a stabilized environment with all the services in place to allow the family to feel secure and move forward once again.





Each quarter, supervisors nominate staff members who have gone above and beyond their expected responsibilities.  The above employees were selected by the Administration team after considering all the nominees for the quarter. 

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